Legendary Vintage Paintings



Old weathered sheets of metal, visual themes dedicated to motor races and bike races inspired by photos and historic racing posters, brush strokes that are incredibly faithful to the past. An original combination in order to create unique works of art that will fit perfectly into the interior of your choice.

Invite the legends into your home or your professional premises in large-scale formats: most of the paintings measure an average of 120 x 250 cm and sometimes even bigger. The large format has been chosen to represent the heroic dimension of the motor sports epic. Ideal for decorating the wall of a living room, a dining room or a multi-purpose space. Showrooms, halls or workshops are also ideal places to hang these incredible paintings that will confirm your style and personalise your universe.

As they were recovering old metal sheets steeped in the history of the pioneers and racing drivers of the past, our artists started to explore this new material more deeply and offered it a second life. They create paintings by superimposing layers of oil paint in transparent and opaque shades onto the weathered metal sheets bearing the original images so that they there are no signs of where one element starts and another finishes. The result? Unique works of art (each painting has its own dynamic) that are almost alive as the medium continues to evolve over time and acquire a patina without losing any of the visual or chromatic quality.

A beautiful gift for yourself or to offer to enthusiasts eager to find traces of a past that enriches our lives.