Q?Can I order a ‘tailor-made’ painting on a metal sheet?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to order a painting on a metal sheet that doesn’t appear in our collection and that features the subject of your choice in a customised format. In order to do this, you need to provide us with a sufficiently high-quality original piece of material that represents the result that you wish to obtain. Of course, the production schedule as well as the cost will be determined according to your briefing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you want any additional information.

Q?What is the procedure for payment and delivery?

We only accept payment on collection. If necessary, your order can be shipped to you, carefully packaged – and insured. We can also install your painting at your premises. Additional costs will then be charged depending on the distance and the installation requirements. What happens if you are not completely satisfied with the painting(s) you have chosen? We will take them back or replace them; you simply return them – at your own expense – via FedEx or any other international carrier within 8 days of the date of shipment. And we will refund or exchange the painting or paintings with another painting or paintings available in the collection. Once this deadline has passed, the purchase will be deemed to be final.

Q?What kind of finish do the paintings have?

The works are painted with oil paint and finished with a layer of UV-resistant varnish. They can be hung indoors or outdoors, although you should be aware that hanging the painting outdoors can trigger the ageing process and metal erosion. The paintings on metal sheets are attached to solid wooden frames, which are equipped with a robust hanging system on the back of the frame. Because of the weight of each painting, we strongly recommend using a special hanging system pegged into the wall and designed to bear the weight of heavy loads.

Q?What sizes and weights do the paintings come in?

The paintings come in variable sizes depending on the dimensions of the recycled metal sheets. On average paintings measure between 120 x 250 cms, but the collection also contains a considerable number of other portrait or landscape formats. The paintings weigh an average of 25 – 35 kilos.